Happy Berks-day Dylanskaman!

(borrowed from his FB profile pic)

Dylan and I have been friends for almost 11 years (that long!) and I must say that he is one of my few guy friends that I can call to whatever time of the day. We met in one of the prayer meetings in YFC-UST, became close because he was courting then, one of my lower household, and became barkada after college with BERKS. We were constant phone pals, talking mostly about his love life then (I couldn’t remember now who’s who), and became my breathing space when I was involve with a guy before.

Dylan was (and still!) the favorite topic of BERKS – maybe because he’s either late for our get-together or will text us the last-minute that he wouldn’t be able to come. We always tease him with his love life and even made a joke with him that if we don’t have love lives by the age of 40, he can choose between me and Trisha.

trisha – dylan – khymee

Dylan may not always be there with us but he makes sure that his presence is always felt. He’s our constant prayer warrior, our on-call counselor and resident funny guy. I am thankful to God for giving me Dylan as a brother, a friend and now a co-worker for Him. And our only wish (since we started celebrating his birthday 7 years ago) – is a woman of God who will love him the way he is and will surely bring out the best in him. =)


We love you Dylan, and we will always pray that you may become the man that God has made you to be. Belated happy BERKS-day Dylanskaman!


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