I’m free!

“Say what you mean and mean what you say”

Lately, I was in a situation wherein I had to face someone whom I considered out of my life. I had no choice, or rather I had a choice of still not talking to that person for the rest of my life and just live with this gnawing feeling of guilt inside me. But God has His marvelous ways of doing things, and most especially healing broken relationships.

It was during mass when the priest asked us to hug the person as a sign of peace. I saw it coming, and I was thinking of skipping that person. But then I said to myself, “Hey Khyme, its new year and everyone deserves to live a happy life! Give it to yourself!”. So I gave that person a hug and said “Peace be with you”. I thought it was just nothing but when I walked away, I felt that something was taken away from me. I felt better, I felt more free. I felt like I just came out from my room after a whole day of cleaning. I looked back and saw that person smiling, and that’s where I realized that what came out from me was really PEACE – peace for both of us. That person must have felt it too. Truly God knows the perfect time and place where to give His blessings… and for that matter, new beginnings. =)

Prayer: Thank you God for the gift of new year and new beginnings. You have proved to me once more that there is no heart so hard that you couldn’t melt. Not even mine. Thank you for the grace and opportunity to forgive and ask forgiveness. And thank you for the new chance to build (and re-build) relationships. It is such a great honor to share your peace to that person… and to myself too.

at Playa Puntarenas, CR on my 25th birthday



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