On snail mails and post cards

I love snail mails. For me, it shows that you’re extra special to the person who sent you one since he/she needs to go to a mail office and pay for the mailing fee when that can be done thru email nowadays.

The last time I received a personal snail mail was in college, during summer break, from a good friend. It was just like the same kind of letter that she gives me whenever we see each other, but the feeling is different – since I received it from our mail box. It was fun reading it, thinking that she shouldn’t make the effort of mailing and paying for it since we were talking on the phone everyday. But still, it’s the thought that counts.

*   *   *

I thought post cards were just a waste of time and money when you can just send a longer letter with a picture of the place where you were. I wasn’t too keen though about it until I received one when I was in 3rd year high school. One of my close friends then went to Japan for summer vacation and she sent me one, telling me that she just remembered her promise to me to send me one when she goes there (I really can’t remember saying that). It was a surprise but a wonderful one.

The next post card that I received was sent by one of my best friends last year when she went to Vietnam. It was a wonderful surprise also since I haven’t heard from this friend for quite some time. Knowing that you are still remembered despite of time and distance makes your heart swell.

Hanoi, Vietnam

The message: from AA 🙂

Then when I arrived yesterday, my brother gave me an envelope. He said that it arrived that morning. And when I looked for the sender’s name, I was surprised (once more!) of the sender – a CFC FFL couple whom I met 2 years ago when I visited Los Angeles for a mission trip. I never got the chance to be really close with this couple (aside from borrowing their ski stuffs) and just saw them during the assemblies that we attended that time. 

This is one of the most wonderful surprise that I have received for Christmas. The Lord knows how to make me smile and feel loved… He just reminded me again that once a family, always a family. Thank you for the thought, Tito Cesar and Tita Marie. You just made my heart swell with joy once more!


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