Change is inevitable. Aside from God’s love, it is the only constant thing in this world. Our attitude towards change tells a lot about who we are. Some resists it, some accepts it with open arms. I remembered a book that we have reviewed in our Social Psychology during college, the “Who moved my cheese?” which discussed about the 4 ways of coping with change.

*   *   *

How do I cope with change? I admit that I am not the kind of person who easily adapts to it. Either I question it or pause for a while and ponder on it. I also resist on it sometimes, but if I see and assessed that it’ll be for the good, that’s where I finally accept. (okay, i’m stubborn sometimes)

*   *   *

Changes in the Young Ministries:

Kuya Joseph: from YFL International Coordinator to Young Ministries’ Coordinator

And welcome to the CFC KFL team:

Paul, the Apostle: from YFL

Tin: from SFL

More changes to come! Exciting! 🙂



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