And then they got tired…

She got tired from her goody-goody life that she decided to just give herself away to the first person she fell in love with and couldn’t let go.

He got bored with his parents always telling him what to do so he left them and decided to live alone.

She got tired proving herself to her family that she just decided to let go of her values and threw her life away by hopping from one man and job to another.

And they all got tired waiting for their prayers to be answered that they just stopped praying and going to mass, and just relied on their own strength… for they have experienced living their own lives even after they have turned their backs on Him.

And even if they feel empty inside, their hearts are too hard to break, for it was their decision to put these walls around themselves.

I still pray for God’s grace to melt their hearts. To bring back the fervor of their first love for life, for true love and for God. I will wait for that day to come that they will turn their back to their old lives and decide to live their lives again for God. Just like how I met them. The reason why we got together in the first place.

I still believe in miracles. And I still hope that God will hear this prayer.


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