Just like St. Paul

A change of mind and a change of life.

Through his sudden blindness, he saw the truth.

And through his conversion, he has proved that there is no past that God cannot overlook. There is no sin that He cannot forgive. And there is no heart so hard that He cannot melt.

For our salvation is not based from the things that we do but through God’s grace.

And when we are saved, may we not look back and desire our old self anymore, but look forward to the new life we have been given and desire to live this life to the fullest according to God’s plan.

Just like St. Paul –  from a persecutor of Christians, he was converted and become a follower and sharer of Christ’s teachings. He didn’t let his past get in his way in evangelizing and proclaiming God’s gracious love to others. He just let his burning love for God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, lead him to do mighty works for Him.

May we be like St. Paul, not letting our past define our future, and allowing our Strong God to define it for us.


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