My favorite day every year

I wasn’t able to blog the past few days because of busy sched and many things-to-do. But now that the WSC is over, a lot of things-to-do-are sill on my list, and of course, blogging is part of it! Who can resist sharing the goodness of the Lord in your life, right? *wink* most especially about your favorite day of the year? =P

Okay, this is all about my birthday, my favorite day every year. I am always excited when February 12 comes every year. It marks another year of existence, of blessing, of challenges, of how God will work in my life that year. And this year is no different, except a-very-important-person-less in my life. But the Lord still, made it a special day for me!

Pre-birthday experiences:

  • ASAP Sessionista concert.

My birthday wish came true! With good friends, Trisha and Joanne, we sang our hearts out with Aiza, Richard, Sitti, Duncan, Princess and Nina. Celebration of good friendship, reminiscing of old memories and enjoying our Valentines-free year again. hahaha

with joanne and trisha
  • Birthday cake

One of my birthday wish was to have a cake given to me. Well, maybe because ever since I could remember, cake (and lasagna) were always present during my birthdays. Blowing my birthday candle completes my special day. And Ate Mye, my household head, made my dream come true. And with Kuya Bubut (her husband and my HH head too) making an effort to personalize it and make it 3D in his own way, it was one of the best birthday cake I’ve ever received!

me and my birthday cake
with Ate Mye, my very beautiful household head

My favorite day:

  • Surprise (but no surprise!) experience with my best girlfriends

This one is soooo funny! Some of my best co-missionary girlfriends wanted to surprise me but I found it soon when one of them asked me for the birthday candle from my birthday cake (picture before this) and overheard her saying to another girlfriend “Here’s the candle that we can use for Khyme’s birthday cake tonight”! Nyahaha! Anyway, me and my co-missionary girlfriends – Teny, Anna, Roxy, Angel and Kuh – went to Banchetto (in Ortigas) after the CFC-FFL Teaching at Layforce. Since we arrived there early, we went to a nearby diner and stayed there until before the Banchetto opens, which is 12 midnight. As we were walking towards where the Banchetto was, all of a sudden, they all sang a very loud “Happy Birthday” song for me, and all those people walking around stopped and looked at us! And not only that; I was surprised, not because of their surprise, but because they did not continue their surprise for I already knew about it! HAHAHA So, they brought out the candle (from me!), then Angel and Roxy made a courageous act by asking those guys who are smoking nearby for a light for the candle. I loved that moment, eating and spending the first hours of my favorite day with my very good girlfriends with me!

my co-missionary girlfriends. i so love them.


Roxy and Angel asking for "lights"


me wishing during the 12 o'clock-midnight-tick on my favorite day
  • Mass and an afternoon with my special someone

I thought I will not be able to attend mass on that day, since I woke up late for the morning mass at a nearby church. But the Lord knows the desire of my heart; I went to Shrine of St. Joseph in Anonas to pray before meeting my “special someone” when after 5 minutes, the mass started! And I came to the priest after the mass and asked a special blessing!

Anyway, off to meet my “special someone”. I rode the bus, traveled for 2 1/2 hours until I arrived to our meeting place! Spent an hour together, prayed and shared my birthday wishes and life dreams. Another birthday wish came true!

an afternoon with my "special someone". who else? MY MOM. =)
  • Dinner with my beloved family

From Pampanga, I went straight to SM Megamall to meet the rest of my family. It was really special for me since they are the only ones I want to spend my birthday this year. We ate at Savory and had the best fun birthday celebration!

my birthday cupcake from my only niece
happy birthday to me!
donuts from Bea
Savvy, my Savory bear
another wish came true: a birthday card. from Bea
my beloved family. we missed Mom, but we’re okay. =)
and yes, i’m my Daddy’s little girl
  • Greetings from all over the world

Thank god for technology, I was able to received greetings from special people in different parts of the world! From classmates in elem, high school, college and post-college, to friends from my previous jobs, to people I served with in YFC, SFC, KFL, YFL and SFL, from Philippines to Taiwan to US to Panama to Nicaragua to Peru to Ecuador and to my beloved Costa Rica, and from some ex-crushes! (this may not be the best greeting, but I was surprise with their greets :P)

Post-birthday experience:

  • A happy-birthday-treat for the Feb-ibig celebrants

The day after, we had the Interfaith Pro-life rally in PICC grounds, where we danced in front of thousands of people coming from different organizations and religious sectors (by the way, I’m thankful we were wearing shades then!). After the event, some of us missionaries and volunteers, went to SM Mall of Asia to have dinner at Aling Toyang’s (which is owned by a CFC FFL member in Cavite). It turned out that the Tita who owned the Resto celebrated her birthday, the same as mine! So, she treated more than half of our bill! Wuhoo! A real happy birthday treat for all of us! Then, we walked along the Manila Bay, just like “barkadas” hanging out, ate ice cream (thanks to IQ, the Ice cream man!) and welcomed Arvin’s birthday. It was a fun night!

Happy birthday to us!
the Feb-ibig birthday celebrants
Barkada blues! 🙂
  • Pray-over during the FTW coordination meeting.

I love pray-overs! The most sincere gift anyone can give! Thank you my beloved co-missionaries for the love, support and for the everyday Jesus-experience! 🙂

The Lord really knows me and what can make me happy. Even if I missed someone a lot this year for my birthday, I still feel loved and blessed the same with the people who wished, greeted and prayed for me on my favorite day. I may not received many gifts this year, I may not have the red-pointed-flat-shoes that I always wanted to wear on my birthdays, but hey, I got the best gifts – my family and friends, and another year to experience God’s greatness and love in my life!

And when people asked me what my birthday wish was, I said I have none for myself since the Lord knows me and my heart’s desires, therefore, what can I wish for more? And so, I offered my birthday wishes to others – four specific wishes to be exact – in exchange of the opportunity to wish for myself on my favorite day. Let my God take care of me. Just as He was doing for me and my loved ones ever since.

Thank you family and friends for making my favorite day extra special. And thank you my beloved Father God, for knowing me personally and granting me my heart’s desire and much more! I am forever blessed because of your great love for me!

Happy 28th for me! Looking forward for so much more of what God has in store for me this year!


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