My WSC 2011 experience

I had a very memorable experience last weekend during the World Singles Congress 2011 of CFC Singles for Family and Life. We held it at Tarlac State University with almost 900 singles from different parts of the country. And with our theme “Strong God” coming from Isaiah 49:5, it was really a very powerful weekend for all of us who there!

I wasn’t able to attend all sessions, since the task assigned to me made me missed some, but nevertheless, it was still an awesome congress for me! Here are some of my favorite experiences and realizations before, during and after the WSC 2011:

  • the I-feel-like-I’m-in-Africa experience

We were expected to arrive at the venue Thursday night, and since I was sick that day, I rode with my co-household going there. As we were driving in SCTEX, he was mesmerized with the nature around us and even exclaimed “I feel like I’m in Africa! I want to go there someday!”. And with that, made us missed the exit going to Tarlac! We thought we’re going to reach Subic (instead of Tarlac), but the Lord is good, and made us find another exit and allowed us to have u-turn. Realization? God allows u-turn when we make a mistake. And stay focus on the road so you won’t miss the right exit. hahaha

  • Service Team recollection with Kuya Xavy

Kuya Xavy is one of my favorite speaker (and blogger). He makes everything easy to digest. He comments and jokes like no other individual can do, only a Xavy Padilla can! And it is always during his talks (or whenever he’s sharing, or just opens his mouth to talk), that I become inspired to do something more, especially for my ministry. And during that recollection, I was able to draw the logos and created the titles I needed for our Magazine! (I did listen, really. Ask Kuya Coi. hehe) Thanks for the inspiration, Kuya Xavs!

  • Movie bonding with the Kuyas

Since I didn’t have anything to do, and my assignment is still due the next day during the congress itself, me and my dearest Kuyas – Kuya Coi and Kuya Xavy – watched Little Fockers at the Hostel lobby. Laughing out loud and eating junk food made the bonding so fun! A way to relax and bond with good friends / kuyas.

  • Holy P.A. (Personal Assistant)

I was assigned to handle the Liturgy, Confession and Exposition for the whole Congress. I thought it was easy, but hey, nothing is easy, most especially when things went out of your control! Even how much you prepare for something, there’s always something that will go out of the plan and everything will change. But the good thing is that, this is God’s work and He will always make everything right.

Anyway, it was a good experience. Taking care of the priests, nuns and brothers and most especially THE BISHOP made me feel privilege and honored to do such job. Despite of the sudden changes (like the parade of the Blessed Sacrament or additional priests or the Exposition), the Lord has proved once again that if it’s His plan, He will make it happen. And even if I had to miss some sessions because I had to take care of the clergy, it was all worth it. A different experience but definitely a Holy one! And therefore, I call myself from now on, a Holy P.A! =)

  • the Maala-ala mo Kaya experience

I don’t usually cry nowadays, unlike before. But during the talk of Tito Frank and the intense testimonies of the sharers, I can’t help but cry a river. I cried a lot for my dearest brother Joji, for I felt the pain and difficulty of sharing his testimony and saying in the end, that it is God’s will that it all happened. I was one of the first to know about the tragedy of his dad and his brother, and thinking about how painful it was to know about the deaths of your loved ones, make my heart breaks. And besides, we had the same experience of how we knew about the death of our loved ones – through a phone call. (And I still have trauma on receiving such calls). I thank my brother Robin (RJ) for being a gentleman and staying with me while I cried at his side. And for getting me a tissue since I couldn’t face anyone because of my wet face (because of tears and you-know-what. haha)

  • I am His!

Talk 1 of the Congress, given by the Proph, Kuya Cocoi. Even if I was the Stage Manager that time. I was able to listen to his talk and one thing struck me – that I am God’s princess for He is my Father King. And therefore, I should act like one, right to be called His heiress to His Kingdom. Therefore, I call myself His Missionary Princess. I am made to serve and receive His kingdom.

  • The best birthday pray-over

I am a sucker of pray-overs. Most especially during my birthdays. =) And I got one of the best this year, when I asked THE BISHOP, yes, Bishop Cinense, to pray over us, the Feb-ibig birthday celebrants. I may not understood what He said to us (for it was in Latin), but I felt so blessed after that! And got to kiss his Bishop’s ring! W-O-W!

  • Exposed with Christ

I’ve been to many exposition of the Blessed Sacrament many times but this time, it felt different. Maybe because I was in-charge of it. And a lot of effort was given to make it happen. Or maybe, it was the first time that I did not cry and just felt pure happiness. I felt so much freedom praising the Lord, singing and dancing like a fool during the praise fest, and shouting my love  for Him. I never felt the same afterwards. I felt that it was just right to be fool for Him, for He has been for me, let Himself be stripped off of His royalty, just to save me, to save us. And despite of the difficult year I’ve gone through, I never felt alone. For He was with me all the time, the source of strength and the desire of my heart and soul. And He deserves all my praises for He is my God and my King.

  • The fellowship with my co-missionaries

I am blessed to have worked with the best during this Congress! And I speak of my CFC FFL Young Ministry co-missionaries! Different ministries, talents and passions, but with one desire to give back the glory to God through our lives! Happy moments, new friendships, stronger relationships, renewed passions. I simply love them.

  • Drama-rama sa hapon

It’s official: Kuh’s not part of the KFL team anymore. It started right after the WSC. Hugs, tears and a lot of kisses and good-byes for her. We will definitely miss her in the team but hey, the office is just small so we will surely bump with each other, right? No more tears, only happiness and celebration of God’s goodness!

  • Jesus-experience through different people

A Community Congress is not a congress if you don’t have any Jesus-experience. And for this WSC, I had a lot! Wanee and Jean, as P.A., for Ina’s motherly care, for working with Sweet and Kuya Rico, with Tin (of Nova) and the other Liturgy readers of sharing their holy experience in serving in the Liturgy, for the learning experience during the Vigil, for the thoughtfulness of Joji, Exit and Kuh (thanks food committee!), for Angel for being my angel during those confused moments, for Joey G and the Menguitos for the ride, for Joy for those unexpected moments, for Kuya JC for the stressful and yet funny moments, for Dave and the nuns for our Spanish sharings, for the Ates for those kilig and kikay moments, and a lot more. Different people, different experience. One common thing- they all brought me close to God.

It is during this weekend that I was reminded and empowered again by our Strong God. That this life is empty without the strength of God working in it. I counted on God last weekend. And I will always count on Him for the rest of my days. Thank you my Strong God. Thank you for being my strength in times of joy and distress. And for the everyday experience of your great love and overflowing grace in my life. I am forever grateful for that. And I love you with my life. =)

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