Love the extra mile.

my first snow experience. LA, calif. feb2009

Your brother who went home drunk and cursing everything he sees around.

The long line in the FX shuttle when you’re running late for your meeting.

A friend who just remembers you when she needs something.

Your best friend who always complain about life in general (and everything in between).

The lady who cut in your line in the women’s washroom when you needed to go.

The grumpy office mate who always asks “favor” for everything, and you end up doing his job.

The old guy who gives his opinions and unsolicited advice on everything, and is never contented with what is given to him.

The “me” who continues to fail, to make mistakes, to rant and hate sometimes, the “me” who always forgets and laughs during the most serious moments of life…

Yes, this is life.

And I am called to LOVE every moment of it.

I’m learning to love the extra mile.


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