A grace-filled weekend

It was a crazy week. With so much things to do for work (and not to mention your some-personal issues, household chores and friends who were asking for a minute of your free time), I caught myself in the middle of everything and didn’t know what to do. But the Lord knows me, and He gave me what I just needed – towards the end of the week, He let me experience a bounty of His grace.

  • One-to-ones with Ate Gay
BENITA. the little Gay.

I wasn’t supposed to go to work last Thursday so I could catch up on my pending household chores. But I remembered texting Ate Gay about a work-related issue, and when she texted back “date tayo”, can’t help but pushed myself out of the house and meet her. And I’m glad I did. Coffee with cinnamon and a lot of work and personal stuffs shared 2 hours after, it’s worth the trip.

  • Train ride with Joji

It so happen that, that afternoon I was going to Pasay and my MMK brother Joji is going to pick up his girlfriend at the airport. So we decided to ride the MRT together. What was supposed to be just an MRT ride became a sharing of life stories, convictions and affirmation of the path we took, of how the immense love of God enveloped us during those difficult times of facing death, and how God is preparing us for greater things to come. What a ride! And if I have to ride the MRT with him again, I would love to! Thank you Jowj!

  • A night of childhood memories
with Ate Kj and Beats

Slept at their home since I need to travel to Cavite early the next day. I miss sleep-overs with them. And reminiscing of our childhood stories and sharing it with my only niece made me realize 3 things: that I was very naughty and adventurous even while i’m still young, that my childhood is worth remembering for the good and fun times we had, and that I’m glad that my parents have raised us well. Good thing my sister has a good memory and we were laughing out loud until the wee hours of the morning! (btw, it’s my niece’s version of fairytale stories before she sleeps. haha)

  • Senior Kids Camp in Cavite
the "Angels"

God’s plans are always better than ours, and this was proved once more in this SKC. Last minute changes may rattled us a bit, but the Lord said “This is my work. Let me do my part”. And allowing Him to take control, made the camp a victorious one! Thanks to the service team, who served with so much gusto for their first-time service in KFL; and for the 100 Senior Kids who pioneered the first KFL School Based in Cavite, be excited with the new journey you are going to experience with Him!

  • an out-of-the-blue date with Tin
at Tricky's

A very unplanned date. The supposed functional meeting became an afternoon of good food, a new friendship and a tour in Makati. It was fun! The much needed conversation was made. And I feel at peace.

Cafe latte and Banana Walnut Slice at Tricky's. Yummy and very affordable. Worth the long walk.
  • Happy golden girl, Tita Bogi!
Vinson and the golden girl

My 2nd Mom, for she was the one who took care of me when I was younger, on those days when Mom was travelling. Had a superb night of good food and happy family bonding time with her and my other Tita and cousin. And I thank God for the gift of my Tita Bogi – it is because of her, that I found a unique love for crafts and honing my unique, artistic side. Thank you Tita Bogs for all the love and care. Cheers for the Golden Girl!

  • Children’s Rosary Pilgrimage
with the students of Libis Elem. Sch during the Children's Rosary Pilgrimage
KFL Cubao

What a way to spend your Saturday morning – a Pilgrimage with 120 kids to Antipolo!

  • KFL-Antipolo Coordination Meeting

With the new KFL Coordinator for SanMoMar, and a new MV, with a lot of activities coming, I believe that exciting things are yet to come for the District of Antipolo!

A long list of things I did, but all capped my crazy week and turn it into a grace-filled weekend. Praise God for how things turned out to be; and for every person He placed in my life just to make it a very special weekend for me.

And God has more: I’m going to watch RENT tomorrow with good friends! Yey!


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