Ask and you will receive.

a walk with God

How the Lord really listens even to the whispers of our hearts!

This morning, I whispered a short prayer to God: “I do not know how, but I want to go to WYD. If you will it, you will make a way. Your will be done.” It is for the Registrtaion deadline for the World Youth Day. We still don’t have enough funds for the reg. fee and deadline is 4 days away. I’ve completely forgot about the prayer because of the busy sched I have. 3 co-workers even told me that they’re having doubts where to get money just in time for the reg deadline. “It will come for the Lord will give it to us” I said, without knowing how much faith I placed in those words.

Then 11 p.m. came. I received a call from my ex-mission partner. My phone was low in battery, so I asked her if it’ll be along conversation (so I could get the charger). “No, it’ll be a quick call”, she said. And there, she just blurted it out – “Tita Rosanne, emailed me and gave us a little amount for the WYD reg. And it’s ____ (amount), almost enough to over our WYD Reg!” I can’t believe it! I literally, jumped out of joy, shouted “Praise God!” many times, and even needed to grasp for breath because of the excitement and happiness that filled my heart with the news! Imagine, with that short prayer, a desperate whisper of trust and faith to God, He heard it and used Tito Ronald and Tita Rosanne to make it possible for me and my ex-mission partner to go to WYD! Yes, Lord! Truly, you make everything possible for anyone who has faith! (my life verse =p)

I know the Lord will give us more surprises as we faithfully wait for His will to be done. I claim that I will be able to see the Pope and experience this great event in my life. The Lord can give me that, if He wills it. So, i’m hoping that it’s part of His will for us to go there. May His will be done. =)

P.S.: I thank Tito Ronald and Tita Rosanne for saying yes to the Lord to serve Him by being generous to others. May the Lord reward you for your BIG heart for Him and His servants. We love you!

with the Caramats and the Huans


See you on August!


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