Enjoying every moment

I have been doing Missionary work since 2007 and I must say that, this is the most exciting job I have ever had! People, especially my relatives, may not understand why I took this job and loving it every moment (even if I know that I will not get rich doing this) but it has brought me so much happiness and contentment. it continues to challenge me everyday to do things  I never imagined I could ever do and most especially, i’m doing what I love most – serving my God and sharing His great love to others!

But it’s not an easy job; there are a lot of challenging times to face (and sometimes, it’s everyday!). There are difficult people to deal with and harder tasks to do. Plus those days with lesser budget, more days on the road for mission trips than spending time with your family, less quality time with friends (outside the community)… it may bother me sometimes but never became a reason to step back and give up this wonderful life i’m in!

How could I, if doing this job, I am able to meet different people who inspires me everyday because of their love and passion to serve the Lord? How could I if I am always changed by the lives of the people I encounter every mission trip through their life stories and how the Lord works in their own lives? How could I if in this job, I am able to witness and experience many lives changed, including mine and my family, because of the many miracles that God has done for them? And how could I, if in this job, I am at my best, doing many different things everyday, trying new stuffs and honing my talents and skills, just for one purpose – for my only love, for my God alone? Plus (again), all these things bring me closer to Him? What and who can beat that???

As I wake up everyday, I always thank the Lord for the privileged to be called as His missionary. Despite of my unworthiness, my insecurities and shortcomings, He still sees me everyday to be worthy of this job, of this ministry, and uses me to the fullest to do His work in me and through me. I am grateful that I am able to do more, to be more and to give more of myself to others and for the Lord. A very satisfying and fulfilling job.

And I can see myself doing this job everyday, all my days. Just for the Lord. Yes, Just for Him. =)


during a kids' camp
with my co-missionaries




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