I was wrong… ‘coz you remembered it all.

I was surprised when you reminded me of things we’ve done before, things we’re only aware of, things that I thought were just a dream for I thought you have forgotten them all.

But I was wrong.

I wasn’t sure if you saw that surprised look I had when you mentioned a specific moment together, that I thought, you don’t even remember. And not only that… you kept on mentioning other things, more things, that even me, have already forgotten. W-O-W. What a memory! I misjudged you. I thought you’re that kind of person that can forget anything just because. Maybe because that is how you made me know you, even if I know you better than you know yourself at times.

It was surprising. But nevertheless, made me smile and wonder… what else do you remember?

For I have never forgotten. I just placed them all in a box called past. And trying to live a happy life without them now.

But it would be nice to go back through them once in a while to make me smile. And make me, or us, remember, that, at one point we became happy together.

Oh well, i’m just happy that you still remember them all. =)


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