Who wants Peanut Butter?

I am not a writer. But I do blog. I do journal-writing. But writing articles for a magazine? Nah. Doesn’t interest me. Probably because I am not that confident writing a witty line or an interesting stuff that will tickle the readers’ mind. It’s different with blogging. There are no rules. Writing style is personalized. Not limited with how many pages or words to be written. you just fully and freely express yourself.

Then I found myself one morning attending a meeting just for the media peeps. I thought I was just representing our ministry just for that meeting. Little did I know that I will be the one representing our ministry… in every meeting hereafter!

That one meeting lead to another and to another (with different people). I was assigned to be in-charge with our Ministry’s Magazine – the Peanut Butter. Why Peanut Butter? Well, my ministry is for kids and all kids, in one way or another, has eaten this yummy sandwich spread and has been a favorite at most households. We want that experience for our readers as well. That yummy feeling from the articles written, that I-want-more-of-this experience from all that will be read and seen in our Magazine, hoping that we will be our kids’ favorite and will share us to their classmates and friends.

So back to the experience… it is this time that I experience a lot of firsts – first time to think of witty section titles to match with the PB concept; first time to gather contributors to write something for kids; first time to look for talents for photo shoot and lay-outing; first time to talk to suppliers (printer) and know those alien-codes (like C2S, etc); first time to write and edit articles…

It is difficult. I always have to ask those experienced people of what to do. Sometimes, it’s draining, especially during those editing times and I always sleep in the wee hours of the morning. And a lot more times, being impatient in waiting for those articles that never reached my hands (or email) since the contributor just got busy… or simply got lazy… or forgot about it.

But nevertheless, I am enjoying it! Loving every moment, learning a lot more. Stretching me to a point that I never thought I would ever reached. Never did I imagined that I would be doing something like this – a great surprise from the Lord indeed! He is showing me that He can do anything to me, for me, and now through me! Exciting times lie ahead!

In 3 weeks’ time, the first issue of our Peanut Butter Magazine will be released. We are hopeful that kids will appreciate it, that they will learn from what is written there and hopefully (again!) they will be inspired to share their talents and would like to contribute for the next issue.

Want to have that first taste of our Peanut Butter? Come and get it in our World Kids’ Conference in Diliman Preparatory School, April 29-30,2011. And i’m sure that all is worth it. For the kids. And for the Lord. =)


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