When the going gets tough…

... you fall asleep in the airport after being stranded for almost half day...

… the Lord sees it, and He surely knows how to make you smile and be reminded that, yes, He is still in control.

Like what happened during the mass I attended at in St. Joseph’s. I went to the mass with a lot of things in mind – deadlines for Magazine and WKC registration, program, son of a good friend getting sick – and add to that the sleepless nights for the past week. I am okay but just have so many things in my mind. And my only prayer before the start of the mass was “Lord, I entrust to you all of these concerns, for you know I can’t do it all. Let this mass be my personal experience of you”.

It was a good mass (better ‘coz I didn’t fall asleep). I was able to participate well, even though it was in Tag-lish (since the priest was an Indian) and even if my seat mate sung much louder than the choir, I still had a great time with the Lord! But it was during after singing the Lord’s Prayer that I was struck the most. There, in the big LCD screen was written these words with Jesus’ picture on it:

“I didn’t tell you that it will be all easy. I just told you that it would be all worth it”

W-O-W. Hit me right straight to my heart. I wanted to cry and let everyone fade away. But I didn’t. (no melodramatic scenes happened because it was weird doing that and besides, it was a mass). I just smiled.

I smiled because I felt that the Lord saw me, saw my long list of many-things-to-do, and wanted to give me a lift. I felt so much love with that simple message. It was an affirmation that i’m doing the right thing; an affirmation that all these things i’m doing for His work is not a waste; that whatever happens, He saw, He witnessed and He will see me through. I felt that loving embrace, that comforting hug of a mom to her child. (aww, I miss Mom). It’s like God whispering to me “My beloved Khymee… all these things you’re doing for Me… it’s all worth it.”

And I went out of that mass renewed, and ready to face once more the long list of my many-things-to-do. ‘Coz the work of the Lord is not easy; that is why only a few choose to do it. But I still choose to do it. For I know, that in the end, these are the things that are worth my time. ‘Coz all the things I did for God is worthy in His eyes.


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