Love crucified

Most of the time, people only see suffering in the cross. A reminder of the pain, humiliation and death that Jesus has to experienced just to save us.

But for me, the cross is the best reminder of that great love the Lord has for me. For sending His only Son, allowing Him to be hurt, Jesus saying yes to all these pain and lovingly enduring it, so that His Father’s will will take place, and so that you, me and everyone else will be save from our sins; and that death would be overcome.  The cross is a reminder of Jesus’ commitment to obey His Father and to show how much He can give up just for you and me. Through the cross, we are now able to enjoy religious freedom and confidence that we are forever loved and taken care of. And through that cross, nothing is impossible, for Jesus has already conquered everything for us.

The cross is a symbol of a love crucified – a love that liberates, a love that overcomes, a love that is fearless. I pray that I may always be reminded of the true meaning of the cross, that beyond the suffering is a saving love that is available for all.


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