Thank you for the Easter!

*was written yesterday as a reflection for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Today, our Lord Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.

Today marks the start the Christianity.

Today, more than 2000 years ago, a sinner transformed named Mary Magdalene, waited patiently and lovingly for the rising of our Lord.

And it happened; for the Lord has chosen her to witness His comeback firsthand.

Thank you for coming back, Lord Jesus.

Thank you for it fulfilled the Word. So that they may believe. And that we will live.

Thank you Mary Magdalene for sharing and believing what you have witnessed.

Through the cross, love was crucified. Through the cross, love was liberated. And through the cross, you and I were saved.

Only through the cross that sins were forgiven, death was overcome and souls were saved.

It is through the cross, that the greatest love ever existed was manifested.

Through Jesus’ suffering and death, god has revealed to us how much He can give us, how much He love us.

And through Jesus’ resurrection, God has manifested to us how much more he can do for us and promising us with greater things.

Your resurrection, Oh Christ, is  a great affirmation that life will get better, that miracles will happen and that love… yes, Your love, will make a way!

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