Excited for the greater things to come!

A lot has been happening in the office lately – changes, transitions, some left, others came – but it’s all a beautiful turn out of events. It just means that our community is growing, a lot more are answering THE call, and greater things are still to come!

*   *   *

Events after events since January made me realized that indeed, the Lord is calling us for more things to do, far greater than we could ever imagine. As for me, it has been about purification, letting go, stretching to the limits and knowing what the Lord wills for me.

Yesterday, I had a nourishing one-to-ones with my new superior and I was able to share with him all my realizations during these busy times. I believe that the Lord was and is calling me to do great things for Him; do whatever He tells me, beyond my own reason and understanding; and trust Him like I never did before. As I serve the Lord more through the activities, know Him through my personal time with Him, encounter Him through the people I serve to and with everyday, made me more passionate in my vocation, more excited to what’s in store for me and for us, and is now making me bolder and more mature with my decisions and convictions for Him. It is such a wonderful experience!

And as my new superior (okay, let’s just call him KUYA) revealed to me my new tasks, I can’t help but wonder the great trust the Lord has given me. I never imagined doing these things for Him. Oh well, it was just a dream. A simple wish. One of those whispered prayers that you just say once in your life. And now, i’m actually doing it. Now, i’m actually experiencing it. Just like this kind of life. This amazing life with great friends and co-workers, a bigger family and of course an uncertain future but full of hope.

*   *   *

I was asked to give a session in a SHOUT for sisters. At first, i felt so nervous since it’ll be my first time after so many years to be in a SHOUT house once again, and also it’s a different crowd; not the usual youths who serve in kids. As I was giving the talk, I was led to a realization (and a calling as well) to step up and be an ATE to these young sisters. To take care of them. To be a source of comfort and nourishment. To be an inspiration and guide. I felt the need to pass on all the things that I was taught of, to care just as I was taken care of, to love just as I was loved by my dear Ates before. Excited for my new calling. Excited on how God will use me to take care of my sisters.

*   *   *

I know that the Lord has more in store for me as I continue to get to know Him. May He never stop revealing Himself to me that I may able to share it with others as well. And my prayer is that may I continue to live my life as a living testimony of His grace and love and may also inspire others to desire this kind of life.


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