Since Kuya JC told me not to work on my rest day (“Khyme, that is why it’s rest day!), I spent my day with a little of everything – house cleaning, blogging, Criminal Minds marathon, playing with Gitty, and Facebook-ing. As I was reading my wall this afternoon, I saw an update from my childhood friend and got curious on what’s happening with her life. So, I started looking at her wall, info, pictures then friends… then look what I’ve found!

my 1st childhood love.

I found my 1st childhood love! Hahaha

I remembered that they were cousins and tried to “check” if he’s there. And voila!

At first, I couldn’t recognized him since he looks far more different now compared to his picture above. But when I checked more of his pics and saw this, I confirmed finally that it was really him! Hahaha

He was just a summer-visitor and for quite some time, we became close – we play, we eat, take a bath in the rain, run, ride a bike, climb a tree – always together, never apart. I remember him giving me gumamela and Serg’s chocolate everyday and our theme song was Dangerous by Roxette. When he went to the States, he promised to write to me (which he did for 2 times) and would come back again so we could play more. I was 7 and he was (I think) 12.

It is funny how time flies and how you could meet again. I’m not sure though if he still remembers me (weird if I ask) but i’m just glad to see him okay and doing good with his life in the U.S.

Can’t wait to share this with my Ate! haha


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