Missed opportunity

“Opportunity knocks only once” -Proverb quotes

A friend once shared to me this story:

“There was a man who went to our office asking for prayers for his daughter who was in critical condition that time in a government hospital. Since we had previous experiences like these and for security purposes, we asked for his ID to identify himself. He even showed his covenant card and even shared his community life with us. He just came from the hospital and the doctors told him that he needs to bring home his daughter for there is no cure for her sickness at all. He remembered dropping off the office to ask for prayers since he felt so depressed and didn’t know what to do.

While talking to him, one of my boss came and I told him his story. He listened for a minute but since he’s in a hurry, he just gave Php 500 to the man. But the man said “I am not asking for money, sir. I just want someone to pray for me.” But my boss can’t stay for long and told the man that someone can just pray for him. Then many came to our office but all of them were too busy to stop and give the man a pray-over.

Until the man just stood up after an hour of waiting. He looked so stressed up and like hasn’t eaten for days. He just said his thank you for the money and he still hopes that even if no one gave him a pray-over, they will still pray for him and his family especially for his daughter. Then he went home.”

*   *   *   *   *

I grew up in the community life loving God every single day and learning to share His love to everyone I meet. I was once told that never, ever hinder someone to go to God – adult and child alike – and by all means, help at least one person a day to get to know Jesus more. As I grow more in love with God and answered His call to be His missionary, He calls us everyday to be more like Him, to follow His teachings and examples and be a living witness to those who still don’t know Him.

If that’s our calling, then at all times, we should be ready to be a witness to anyone especially for those in need. And a lot is seeking comfort and refuge in this time of hunger, of crisis, of desperate times. We should discern who to help and what help to give so that these people will see hope and able to have that Jesus-experience through us.

And I’m just sad because the man, who traveled a long way just to ask for prayers, was not given the opportunity to experience the comfort God has for him through a simple prayer. Sayang. I pray for that man and his family, as I blog about them, that God hears their plea and be in their rescue at this time of distress. And for those who missed the opportunity to share Jesus to that man, I pray that they may not experience the same way as that man experienced in them.

Live. Share. Love. Laugh. Let the world know about Christ. And the best way to share about Him? It is through your life.


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