12th year.

12 years ago, my parents forced me to attend a Youth Camp that changed my life forever.

Until this day, I can’t help but wonder how I survived that weekend. I slept during the talks. Did not participate enough in the discussion groups.

But I believe the Lord really wants me to have this kind of life. For even if I couldn’t remember a lot about the camp, through His grace, I became active in serving Him through the youth and singles ministry of Couples For Christ-Foundation for Family and Life. I served in a lot of camps, attended a lot of conferences and met a lot of amazing people whose lives were changed by the Lord through this community. And everyday, these things bring me closer to Him.

But I thought that’s all.

In 2007, I finally said YES again to the Lord, this time with a higher calling – to be His missionary. And community just even gets better everyday! More surprises, more blessings, more challenges, more struggles… plus more inspiring people to meet, more exciting places to go, and more ways to experience God’s greatness!

What can I ask for more?

Today, i’m celebrating my 12th year as a member of this community. 12 years with my walk with the Lord. 12 years of endless opportunities and amazing revelations. 12 years of ups and downs, of many u-turns and stop-overs, but all leads me back to Him. I’m glad that I made that decision 12 years ago. I’m thankful that my parents forced me to attend the Youth Camp; and even if I was a bad participant that time, the Lord oversaw that and still called me to this kind of life. And I am looking forward for more years in this community; actually spending my whole life serving the Lord in this community (if the Lord wills it) and excited for what more He will allow me to witness through the CFC FFL Community.

By the way, as I celebrate my 12th year today, the Lord gave me two amazing gifts: a great lunch-cum-reunion with great friends, Tita Marissa and Marie, both friendships sprung when I was in Costa Rica; and received a good news that our visa for Spain has been approved!

You never fail to amaze me, my God! 🙂

Our youth ministry in 2000 during our Christmas Party
my lower household in 2005-2007 for the singles ministry
my present upper household in the singles ministry
my co-Missionaries. Different people but with the same calling.

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