Day 1: Going-back-to-school anthology

Yesterday was our first day of going back to school. More than anything else, I was sooo excited for this! So excited, i woke up so early, but realized it was so early, I went back to sleep again, and woke up late. haha (add to that the jeep that I rode who got flat tire)

Anyway, it was an interesting experience, that is to go back to school again. Probably because I never thought of getting this course in my whole life. Or because I know all my classmates (btw, they are my co-workers as well). Or because our school is at the other side of the metro and takes me almost 2 hours just to get there (i’m from Cainta, Rizal and our school is in Better Living, Paranaque). Or because all my professors are Priests (I thought that clergies as professors were strict and boring. But the ones we have were the coolest and interesting professors I’ve ever had!)

I thank God that I have friends who live nearby and we all went together to our school. (Special thanks to Kuya Pat for the ride.) We passed by the C6 route from our area, which brought us to school in less than an hour I think (btw, it was my first time to pass by this route, and now I want to have my own car because of this! A-V-A-N-Z-A! haha) Seeing my classmates/co-workers there sooo early (our classes start at 8am but at 730 am, almost everyone are there!) made me feel more excited! I was seated beside the Top 1 contender, Kuya Xavy in front, and my place was the best for me since it inhibited me from sleeping and from doodling around.  It was just the first day, and yet, a lot of information was already given to us. And it makes me more exciting! Three professors with different forte and personalities but all interesting, fun and much knowledgeable to their own subject. We ended the day with a mass presided by our last subject professor and our community’s Spiritual Director, Fr. Francis.

This first day is a lot more different from the previous first days of my school life. Our class is just once a week, but I know that it will be  full of knowledge, of wisdom, of experiences and of divine revelation and graces as we go along. I am very much motivated to attend because I know that more than the knowledge that I can get for my work, is the personal experience and growth that I will have as well. I do not know if I can still make papers, read a lot of materials and study just like before. But I will definitely enjoy this new experience with my God. See you next Thursday, classmates!

picture courtesy of Kuya Xavy

*   *   *

Inx’s: I also got to go back to my alma mater – the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas – with my co-misisonary and team mate, Maan Palma. 🙂

in front of the Main Building


Maan posing excitedly. "I am home!"


the AB-Commerce bldg. 4 yrs of spending time w/you

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