Meet my newest addiction

Introduced to me by a good friend who also has the same love for CSI, NCIS and Criminal Minds. She really wanted me to watch it that she saved a folder with 2 seasons in my laptop as a surprise for me (together with her daughter’s pic as a desktop background, but that’s another story).

I started watching it last night and I can’t get enough of it. Now I want to buy DVDs of all seasons available (couldn’t find the link in the net)!

I love each character. Nathan’s way of thinking and his good heart; Sophie’s sophisticated moves and how she gets everything her way (maybe that’s why her name is Sophie..); Hardison’s geekiness in computer reminds me of my friend Joanne; Eliot’s mysterious profile partnered with his amazing martial arts skills; and my favorite: Parker, the thief, the acrobat, the poker face but has a soft spot for kids, and has much, much greediness for money. I like to muster her skills of acrobatics and poker face! =p

Watch it and be hooked.

Special thanks to Ate Gay 🙂

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