It has been almost 3 weeks since we had our Mid-year planning. We had an opening activity, where we shared to the team who we are and the current state of our lives, through a collage we individually made. It was fun, making it, and you get to see the creativity and resourcefulness of your team mates in expressing themselves.

my masterpiece 🙂

And when I explained my masterpiece, I realized that the Lord finally answered my fervent prayer for the past 2 years – to grant us more FTWs for KFL. And the hope I had for this simple prayer finally sunk in, during our 1st KFL coordination meeting 2 weeks ago, when the last “new” KFL team member came in.


Amazed how the Lord worked through us, the four girls for 2 years, to make the ministry grow.

Amazed that the Lord allowed different leaderships in such a short time, to make this ministry grow in foundation and faith.

Amazed that after fervent prayer (and fasting, at one point) my prayer got answered – not only one brother, but 3! plus 2 additional sisters!

Amazed for the uniqueness of each team member and how the Lord brought us all together to make a stronger kids’ ministry for Him.

And looking forward for many times more to be amazed by God, on what will happen, and where He will bring us and the ministry for His greater glory.

CFC Kids for Family and Life. Into greater heights.



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