Tying up loose ends

The Lord knows my desire to prepare myself to receive His great blessings and do His amazing plans in my life. And so, little by little, He is purifying me, tying up those loose ends that I still have, so that I may be ready for Him.

And that happened last weekend, when He helped me finally decide to put an end to one chapter of my life that I kept on holding back from Him.

At first, I was in denial. I always told myself, i’m okay and over with it. But one instance led me to another that made me realize “Hey Khymee, need to settle this one thing, if you want God to give you the next BIG thing!” and so, I prayed so many times again, asking, no begging would be more like it, to fix this broken area of my life.

And it was during one of those conversations, one of those spontaneous moments that God answered my prayer: “Yes Khymee, I already tied this loose end for you.” And I knew from that on, I would never look back anymore (unless God tells me). My heart is guarded, sealed and secured in God’s hands.

So for those who worry and always checks on me, thank you for the concern. You don’t have to worry anymore. =)


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