Life and coffee

At 3:45 a.m., I still can’t sleep. Maybe it was the Caramel Frappe that I had this afternoon. Or the Coffee jelly for dessert during dinner. Too much caffeine!

Anyway, today was a good day despite of recent challenges. Had a lot of life reminders. Here are some:

1. We are always invited to join the feast that the Lord has prepared for us, even how unworthy we are. The fact that we are invited make us worthy. It is up to us to grab the opportunity or lose the chance of having that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. It’s not how right you are, but how loving you respond to the object of difficulty that matters.

3. When the hard part of life strikes us, we tend to shut off ourselves from others and pretend that we’re okay until reality creeps in and eats us alive. During these times that we must seek more the presence of God through the people around us, allowing the Lord to speak through them and help us to walk through the dark alley of our problems.

4. On those times that we’re busy with our everyday lives, let us not forget to gaze upon the daily miracles of God that He continuously showing us.

5. Meeting over a coffee always build a deeper relationship, a deeper friendship.

6. When you are in doubt, always follow your heart. Just make sure that your heart is in the right posture.

7. Those eyes who kept on watching and checking on me every now and then to help me guard my heart are my “somehow-heart-savers.”. I know, feel and believe that they just want the best for me. And I don’t mind. I trust their wisdom.

8. And never underestimate a child on how to make you happy. They never fail. =)

Thanks to Ate Xnx, Jermer and Gabie. Today was a lot more wonderful because of you =)


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