The saint who taught me to leave everything and choose God

Today, we celebrate one of the greatest saints of all times (and the second saint i’ve ever known), St. Francis of Assisi.

So, what’s so special about him that I really love?

I studied in a Franciscan school from kinder to high school. Ever since I can remember, he was always injected in all our lessons, and we were taught to memorize his prayer. We were asked to bring our pets during his feast day’s mass and no classes on his feast day itself.

The first time I got hooked on this simple and humble saint’s life was the time when our CFP (Christian Formation Program) teacher, Ms. Villanueva, first introduced him to us. She shared with us how St. Francis gave up all his belongings and chose to live a simple life for the Lord by helping the needy and the poor. How he saw God through all His creations. I remember that my favorite song that time was “Brother sun and Sister moon” and it became my lullaby song. I was really young then, and couldn’t understand the depth of what he did. But I knew that it was good and from that time on, I wanted to follow him.

As I grew up, his prayer had a lot more meaning for me. Whenever I couldn’t pray, it’s one of those formula prayers that I say that leads me to say my own prayers. His prayer, for me, is a great reminder to live my life for others through God’s grace.

Because of him, a lot of great saints followed his footsteps: St. Anthony de Padua, St. Claire of Assisi, St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, among many others. I pray that his life inspire you just as he did to me and those who followed him. His examples are truly a simple and yet great way of showing gratitude and love to God for all He did for us.


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