4 suicide reports within 24 hours?!?!

Read: 4 cases of suicide reported within 24 hours in Metro Manila.

I was really alarmed after reading this. Imagine, 4 suicide reports within 24 hours? And it’s just in the Metro! And only those reported. How many more suicides out there were not reported then?

And it made me think: if only these people had encountered someone in their lives who introduced God to them as a source of hope… maybe they are still alive till now.

*   *   *

I remember a  friend in high school who’s hobby was to cut her wrist. She lost hope, felt that life sucks and it would be better if she’s not here. Many times I visited her in their house, in the hospital or wherever she felt cutting herself. It was a horrible sight and feeling, ‘coz she was your friend. And all I could do was share how good life is, what she’ll miss if she’s gone and what else she has to look forward to keep her alive. And of course, to pray over her.

Praise God that after those countless suicidal attempts, she is still alive now. Working with her dream job. Enjoying her life. I wonder if I also gave up on her that time… will I be able to see and talk to her still up to now? Will we still be friends?

*   *   *

“… and always have your answer ready for people who ask you the reason for the hope you have.” – 1 Peter 3:15, NJB

I learned from Fr. Jun that we should always be ready to give an explanation in whatever we do, most especially with the reason of our faith and hope, and that is Jesus Christ. I appreciate more the people who are giving time to know deeper about the source of their hope and the desire and passion to share it with those who need it most. I honor the Pope, the religious and clergy, the missionaries and the faithful, who continues to give life to others who seemed hopeless and living miserably.

I pray oh God that I may be a source of hope to others, that I may always be ready to explain about you, my reason for hope. I pray oh Jesus, for those people whose option right now is to take their lives to end their misery, to provide hope for them by sending instruments of your peace and love. I pray that my life would be a living testimony of hope, that amidst of the pain, suffering and hopelessness I faced during those difficult times, I still hold on to you for you never lose gripped on me. Let us be a healing presence to others, my God. And let more lives be saved because of faith shared. Amen.


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