And I choose peace.

Yesterday was a wake up call for me. Got pissed off on a joke, which in a usual day and in my usual mood, I should have laughed it off. But with that particular joke… if silence could kill, everyone inside that room should have died in an instant.

I went to the chapel to pray because I know that, that simple and innocent joke from good friends, hit a chord in my heart. And always, in the presence of God, do I find answers.

“Choose peace, Khymee” was what the Lord told me. Settle my overdue issues. Mend broken relationships. Fix whatever is needed to fix. And do what I should have done a long, long time ago.

And that’s what I have been trying to do for the past days – fixing my life step by step, little by little, area by area. It is hard – need to swallow a lot of pride, more kneeling sessions and probably start to fast for the prayer intentions.

Just to live a life worthy of God. A holy life.

I pray oh God, that I may choose you always. And by choosing You, may it bring peace to me and to everyone I encounter.

Yes, I am choosing God. I am choosing peace.

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