Where is your virtue if charity is lacking?

As I read the gospel today (Luke 11:42-46), I was led to reflect on how the world today is full of Pharisees, in one way or another. With the desire to lead a better life, people treat themselves highly while looking down to those who can’t meet their standards. The rich girl to the street kid knocking on the window of their posh car. The boss shouting orders to the poor secretary who just wants to do her job right but her boss doesn’t appreciate any of it. The devout catholic who always go to mass everyday but couldn’t even lift a finger in helping the elderly cross a street.

Sometimes, we desire so much to live a righteous life that we tend to forget that we should also be careful in the process of reaching the goal. We forget that even how many times you practice the virtues of generosity, of  compassion, of obedience… if these are all done without charity, without love… then it is all fallacy. It will be all worthless. For “… the greatest of these is love.” (1 Cor 13: 13)

Today I pray, that God, in His wisdom and grace, continue to make me more careful with my thoughts, words and actions. That all of these may always lead in giving love to others, in sharing a piece of heaven for them. I pray that on those times that I forget, may our beloved God remind me that amidst all the good works that I do, it will always be LOVE that is more important than anything else. For “God is love…” (1 John 4:16)  Dearest God, help me to be loving at all times – to anyone and to everyone, anywhere and everywhere, and most especially to myself, AMEN.

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