A broken heart-egg… but not me.

It’s the final months of 2011. I thought it would just go quickly because of the so-many activities that will happen in the last quarter. I though that nothing will go wrong now.

Until last night.

I went to mass at the Shrine of  St. Joseph in Anonas, after my short-but-sweet-reunion with Jacque. And during the consecration part, I was led by the Spirit to declare to Jesus’ body and blood, to be one with Him the next level. I came to that decision because the past few days, I was led to thoughts of the cross, sufferings, dying to one’s self and unconditional love. And those thoughts, I realized, are all about how Jesus led His human life.

After that declaration, I know that the Lord will hold on to that. I am prepared. I believe that He prepared me for that bold decision. Yes, I prayed for a bolder faith. And this, I know will be tested in time.

But I didn’t knew that it would be too soon. Like last night.

And now, the Lord is asking me to hold on to Him much more. Just as our community’s theme this year, God was, IS and will be the strength of my heart. Last stretch of the year, humahabol pa ang theme. Kinda difficult but I know that having God by my side, all things will work out for the good of those who love Him.

And so I pray, “Lord, hold my hand most especially on those times I lose grip on you because of pain and discouragement. Never give up on my prayers and let your hope fill my heart, knowing that YOU, the Almighty God, knows what I am going through and will see me through. In Jesus’ name I pray, with the intercession of our dearest Mother Mary, Amen.”


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