A surprise visit!

I wasn’t able to go to school today because of dysmenorrhea. So, I slept on the pain all day. And guess what, I got a surprise visit from my Mom in my dreams!

I haven’t dreamed of her for a long time. For sure, I always think of her and talk to her in my prayers. But it was really a surprise when she visited me. In my dream, she cooked soup for me and fed me; she told me that she asked permission from God to visit our family and stay until Dec. 21. I asked her if she could extend until Christmas, she just told me that sometimes we just have to be thankful for what we are given. Okay, Mom. And then, she gave her bilins for our family. And the funniest bilin she gave was for me to buy a mocha-colored sofa set this Christmas! hahaha

When I woke up, I looked for Mom but didn’t find her. I just smiled and realized that it’s her way of telling me that she’s just there, looking after us. And she knew how much I missed her especially these days… she just came at the right time for me.

A happy start of December for me! Thank you Mom for the visit! And thank you God for that wonderful time with Mom in my dreams. =)

my 2nd to the last pic with Mom.


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