Top 10 of my 2011.

The last few days of my 2011 were really busy, that I didn’t have time to blog my highlights of the past year. So here I am blogging, and hopefully even after 4 days after new year, this entry will still count. hahaha

*   *   *

I consider 2011 as the year of new discoveries about me… I had to go through a lot of experiences that required me to go out of my comfort zones and really discover who I am and what I am still able to do. And I thank God for these wonderful challenges and opportunities that made me realize more how wonderfully He created me to be!

Here are the top 10 of my 2011:

1. THE HOLY ASSISTANT. When I was assigned to handle the Liturgy during the WSC this year, I thought it would just be so easy since: 1) I grew up serving in our Parish, 2) I have been attending mass almost daily. And so I thought. It wasn’t that easy at all. Especially when you were dealing with more than 3 priests a day, and a bishop, and arranging the schedule of confessions, the exposition, the blessed sacrament, and the daily masses… It was really crazy, especially when people became difficult to work with, and when things didn’t go out the way you envisioned it. But it’s all about God’s grace. And His people. And in the end, I got a birthday blessing from a bishop in Latin. And befriended all the priests I encountered. And had a greater and deeper understanding and appreciation of my Catholic faith.

with my holy P.A., Jean

2. KID POSSIBLE. We dreamt big for the WKC: field trip, free magazine for kids, and a lot of workshops. It seemed impossible, and  a lot of people told us that we’re crazy with our ideas. But together with my mentor, I dreamed big with him, knowing that in 2011, the Lord was teaching us to be bold with our faith and claim His promise. And little by little, our dreams became a reality! That Peanut Butter Magazine. That Ocean Park Adventure. That strong body, mind and heart workshops. And everyone experienced the greatness of God, that we just have to believe that in Him, all things are possible; that in Him, every child can be a KID POSSIBLE.

3. CFC FFL’s 30th. The privilege to be part of a community, who’s heart is to bring CHRIST to every family and to fight the cause of life… The community that changed me and allowed me to witness other lives to be changed… The community which the Lord has used to call me in serving Him full-time… The community wherein I experienced the Lord’s love through the relationships I’ve built over the years… Yes, this community that allowed me to become the best that the Lord has created me to be… I am honored to witness the 30th year celebration. It was a celebration of family. of faith. of great love for the Lord and His work. And I can see myself serving the Lord through this community for the rest of my life, with my family now and my future family.

the Pearl video team

4. THE NEW KFL TEAM. And after 2 years of praying, finally the Lord answered and gave the kids’ ministry a new look – with a new generation of passionate men and women willing to serve the Lord by bringing those closest to His heart – the kids! With a new boss and a bigger team… greater things ahead for KFL!

5. NEW PARTNER. NEW AREA. NEW ASSIGNMENT. Since it’s a year of discoveries, the Lord also allowed me to discover more of myself by giving me all-new work. First time to have a brother-partner after a long time (the coolest! go Jermer!), being assigned to a bigger and stronger area (go Metro Manila!) and be given a greater task (PFO… huwaaattt???). Never did I imagine that I will be experiencing it last year. but the Lord has it all planned. And yes, Lord, it was all good! Thank you!

my favorite partner Jermer!

6. BACK TO SCHOOL. Just when I thought I was decided to take up MA in Dev’t Psych, there I was one day, filling-up the forms at Don Bosco in Bicutan for MA in Religious Studies, major in Catechetics. At first, I wasn’t so sure about it, but after my mentor convinced me about it, I gave it a try… and now, enjoying every moment of it, loving the fact that I am more convinced of my Catholic faith every time I step out of our classroom, and that I am falling in love again and again with God and all His creation. Plus the bonus of your co-workers as your classmates… Fun times studying!

7. WORLD YOUTH DAY IN MADRID. The miracle of our lives. Imagine, 42 delegates from CFC FFL Philippines, almost all went there for free… simply because of God’s grace through the generous hearts of those who wanted us to have this holy experience. And indeed, it was really holy! And a dream come true! Immersion with the Spanish culture. Meet new friends and families. Visit beautiful places. Pilgrimage in Fatima, Portugal. Meet the CFC FFL Europe and South Africa. Endless bonding moments with co-pilgrims. Privilege to pray for others. Share, translate, and be a tour guide in Spanish. And of course, seeing, hearing and that holy experience with the Pope… Plus the many walks, pictures and answered prayers… Priceless!

CFC FFL Pilgrims

8. SILENCE WITH THE LORD. When the Lord wants to tell you something, He will make sure that you’ll get His message loud and clear. And that happened during my silent retreat. That Paschal experience, which brought me to my sufferings, my own deaths and be able to rise up again… all because God wanted to prepare me for something greater, something bigger… yes, I AM READY LORD!

9. THAT UNFORGETTABLE MINDORO MISSION: 1 & 2. The first time, was really a crazy one since it was a last-minute decision for me and my co-missionary to go there. We traveled almost 12 hours in bus and in Roro (one-way)! The last time I did this was my trip from Costa Rica to Nicaragua 3 years ago! It’s just a good thing that the scenery was beautiful, had time to sleep and also time to bond with my mission partner. The community was very accommodating, we had a big harvest (30 Junior kids and 21 Senior Kids), bonding times with the youth and couples and able to see the beauty of the area. The second time was with the KFL team. Us, missionaries went to another town in Mindoro, where we had a Christmas party celebration with a Mangyan tribe. We gave slippers, loot bags and had activities that deepened their life skills and faith in the Lord. It was also unforgettable for me since I almost drowned while taking a bath in the river. (it’s another blog to be written). Praise God for the second life and I thank the team, esp Kuya JC for saving me.

KFL team (minus Jermer)

10. FAMILY TIME. Nothing beats family time. 2011 gave me more times to visit Mom. More trying times at home. More challenges in our relationship as family. But all of these, despite of the ups and downs in our family, were still the best times of my life. Why? During these times, I was able to talk to my Dad and siblings of our true feelings for each other. I was able to know their true state, after Mom’s death. And I was able to pray for them more. It may not be all happy times, but it was during those times that my heart was stretched to love them even more.

Daddy's girls

Whew! It was a tiring 2011. A lot has happened and each experience brought me to a new discovery of myself. Tested my limits. Gave me more chances to try something new. And allowed me to experience God’s strength to highest level. I thank the Lord for a wonderful year. I know it was His year. And I am looking forward to spend the rest of my years doing, experiencing and enjoying the roller coaster ride of this life He has for me.

And I wonder, what does God has for me this 2012???

“I have prepared you, Khymee”, says the Lord. “Be ready!”

“Yes Lord”, I answered. “I AM READY FOR YOU!”

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