Better things come for those who let go.

On my way home the other night, I was reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned from 2011 and one of them is about letting go. Yes, my 2011 is about letting go:

  • … of the desire to go back to Latin America for mission, and this allowed me to be open to go on to other mission areas.
  • … of old stuffs I thought was important but haven’t used for a while, but eventually became trash in my room. And realized, that those things occupied a lot more space than expected. *Time to get new ones! haha
  • … of my “dreams” that became obstacle to my growth. I was too focused on reaching them that it made me stagnant to where I was and became afraid to get out of my shell. Good thing that I had that silent retreat and realized that I can dream more, and do more for myself, for others and especially for the Lord!
  • … of wrong habits and principles. I developed too much wrong habits and principles last year, which I found out, became my defense mechanism. Tsk tsk. I’ve learned my lesson. And I know better now. I hope.
  • … of anger, of negative outlook and judgement towards others. I am not perfect and neither anyone is. Sometimes, acceptance and tolerance are the keys for better and harmonious relationships. And i’ve learned it the hard way.
  • … of wrong people and old loves. Yes, I was too tied on those wrong relationships I’ve built over the years. Been in too many heartbreaks and involved in too many wrong people. But the Lord allowed me to realized all these things, and finally be able to let go of them. It was difficult at first, coz i’m too used to have them, but little by little, through God’s grace, I was able to lose grip on them… and never did I imagine that I will be so free like this!

Yes, 2011 was a time to learn these lessons. It was difficult for someone like me, to let go, but realizing that if it’s the only way to do, for me to experience a better life, and for the Lord to work in me… then why hold on? To let go means to be free. To let go means to be open to other opportunities. To let go means to be able to love again.

Thank you Lord for this grace. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you. =)

A happy new me, everyone!

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