Live according to your calling.

I met a group of friends last week. They were not from our community nor involved in one. I haven’t seen them for a while and it’s a breathe of fresh air to hang out with them. Chit-chats and updates, non-stop talking and laughing. Good friends, great conversations.

One of the staple questions during get-together was about your work – where do you work, what do you do, how much is your salary, blah-blah-blah. All of them were successful in their fields and happy with their promotions and high salaries. When it was my turn, all I got were blank stares with a series of follow-up questions: what do you do there? how long do you think of working there? do you ever get a salary from that? etc. And whatever answer I gave them, even how enthusiastically I share with them about my work, about the community, on the miracles that God is allowing me to experience through my work… they don’t see it. They couldn’t understand why I am here, why I gave up many opportunities to be rich just to do this missionary work. And even how many times I tried to explain, some just won’t  listen, while others try their best to understand.

I don’t expect that everyone will accept the life I’ve chosen. But I will continue to live it anyway. For I know that I am called to this life. I am called to live my life to the fullest by serving God through others. I am happy. I am contented. I am blessed.

I will continue to share my life story to others even if they don’t understand; for it will be God who’s gonna work in their hearts. And I will continue to live this life for I know that many lives are blessed with that one yes I gave to the Lord.

I am a Missionary. And I’m proud to be one. I’m gonna live my life according to my calling. =)


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