The women after God’s own heart (1)

After the World Singles Congress 2012 in Cavite last weekend, flashes of good people and memories have been my filling up my thoughts ever since. And these thoughts have been really my inspiration for this past week.

One of them is about the women who became part of who I am right now – my household servants. I’ve been in the community for almost 13 years (on May 30!) and my life has never been the same ever since!  And these women played a big part in my life, and they are my inspiration of loving God and loving His people. Let me introduce you to them:

My first mentor. Girls rock!

Ate Yeng: Dare to make a stand

I was a freshie in college and just joined the community when I met Ate Yeng. She was a graduating student then. I admire her for being the only AB student in the org. But what I admire her more was that, she was the President of our org. She accepted the position even if it was for a brother. She made a stand when no one wanted to make one. And being mentored by a strong woman like her, I learned how to make a stand as well on things that are important for me – my family, my relationships, my principles, my faith, my God. And her famous line? “Tatayo ka pa rin ba kahit mag-isa ka na lang na lumalaban para sa Diyos mo?” And that sustained me. 🙂

Ate Jill: Dare to care

"Maganda ako. Dahil anak ako ng Diyos. PERIOD." - her famous line

Ate Jill was  my next household servant after Ate Yeng.  She captured me right there and then for two reasons: 1) her funny personalityand 2) how she cared as a reflection of her love for God. Being a functional person, I tend to be a workaholic and really forget about my relationships (old habits die hard). But Ate Jill taught me that even in  smallest ways and in every detail, you can still show how much you care for a person and share God’s love. I cherished our long phone talks and I will always remember the 11pm prayer time we did over phone. How life was simple then!

Ate Mariel: Dare to be bold

"Hoy Khyme, kaya mo na yan! Alam ko, kasi naniniwala ako sa iyo!" - ang laging linya

Ate Mariel’s after Ate Jill. Oh, how I love this girl! I always tell her that she is a living testimony of how God is really alive and how He can fully transform a person 360°. I’ve seen and experienced her conversion and yes, the Lord is truly real in her! I remember complaining to her always because of the unfair treatment that I felt between me and my co-household members. And her response was always the same: “Hoy Khyme, kaya mo na yan! Alam ko, kasi naniniwala ako sa iyo!” I couldn’t understand it that time. But I realized afterwards, that it was just right for me. It prepared me for the battles I had to face. Strong. Straightforward. Right into my face. Yes, it hurt. But the way she took care of me made me the strong woman I am right now. Bold with my faith. Bold to love. Bold to get hurt. Bold to take risk. Thank you for believing in me!

Ate Jessie: Dare to submit

Simple and yet she rocks!

Ate Jessie became my household servant when I became a Senior Sister. After the strong women who became my household servants, and I, too, became a strong and loud woman myself, it was really an adjustment for me to have her as my HH servant. But in her simplicity and meekness, she taught me how to be submissive to God ‘s plan and to my partner then, even if I didn’t understand.   That all things can work out if you pray and listen to what the other person is saying. If it wasn’t for you Ate, I left YFC-UST and my partner a long time ago because of the things  that was happening. Thank you for inspiring me. And I offer my  Senior Sister of the year award to you!

Ate Maan: Dare to be happy

"Dapat lahat happy!"

Ate Maan became my household servant when I transitioned to the singles ministry. She made it easy for us to crossover from youth to singles. She made us feel comfortable and love that moment in our lives. I love our household moments, for all I can remember is the laugh times and the joy of being with one another loving and serving God. And because of her, my fear of serving in singles were erased. She supported me when I said yes to become a household servant myself. For she always says “Sige lang, serve ka lang. Dapat lahat laging masaya!” And yes Ate Maan, I am happy ever since!

KD: Dare to be beautiful

"be beautiful inside and out!"

KD and I became friends after college through our common friend, Steph.  And it was a roller-coaster friendship with her! How we love long talks, long drives,  and whatever -in-between! And  our favorite topics  are just two: God and boys! Hahaha She taught me how to be beautiful inside and out.  And being my  household servant, she never stopped pursuing me even at that time, I kept on pushing her away (because of a double-life). And I really thanked and praise God when she also said yes to serve in Latin America! We had a lot of differences but our love for God continue to  bond us and reflect in our lives! Oh, I miss her!

The women who inspired me to follow God and say yes to be a missionary.

I’ll post another entry about the women who became my stronghold as I continue to live the missionary life everyday!


One Reply to “The women after God’s own heart (1)”

  1. Hi, Khyme! I am deeply honored by your words. But I/we was/were just (a) mere instruments. It was your “YES” that made the whole difference! Sobrang natutuwa ako on how you are allowing God to ride with you on this journey and discovery! May you never cease to allow His grace work wonders in your life.

    Maraming salamat din sa pagtitiwala at sa pagbukas ng iyong puso sa amin! May you continue to allow Him to mold you into becoming the beautiful woman He has created you to be! You may not always see me these days nor get to talk with each other much anymore, but know that I am just HERE. I love you! Hugs and kisses! =)

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