The women after God’s own heart (2)

This entry is about the women who inspired me and continue to inspire me more as I live this Missionary life for God!

Ate Des: Dare to love my family

"This is what God wants you to do: love your family"

I knew Ate Des from SFC before; aside from being a FTW, she was also part of our chapter. She and Kuya Xavy became my first household servants when I came back from foreign mission after 2 years. We only had a couple of moments together because she was pregnant that time, but one of the most valuable lesson she taught me was to love my family all-out. And I did. And I owe it to her and Kuya Xavy for teaching me that. I cherish my family now more than ever. 🙂

Ate Mye: Dare to persevere

"Si Lord na bahala"

Ate Mye is a co-worker and became my household servant as well.   As beautiful as her face is her  beautiful heart. Even if  SFL in Antipolo dwindled in  membership for years, she never stopped praying and persevered in working it out. She continued doing her job as the District Coordinator (together with her hubby, Kuya Bubut). She never stopped calling our co-household members who were not attending our household. And she continued to hope in God  that one day, SFL Antipolo will be as strong as other districts and will be committed in serving and loving God through their single life! Keep it up Ate Mye! (and thank you for being  a fan of my  corny jokes! haha)


Ate Gay: Dare to explore

"Explore God's love in you"

Ate Gay became my friend first before she became my household servant. I felt the same awkwardness I felt with KD that time – you know each other’s kalokohan and difficult to adjust with that during household times. oh well, we still do BBM each other about our kalokohans and hirits. But what I love about Ate Gay is how she continuously teaching me to explore God, to explore life, to explore love. Because of her, my old love for arts, for media, for techy stuffs became real again. Because of her, I became brave enough to dream big again. Because of her, I am taking risk to do great things for the Lord, for my family, for the people I love and for that ONE person that I will love for the rest of my life. Ate Gay helped me to offer my fears to the Lord and taught me to explore His amazing love in me, for me and through me. And I continue to transform everyday according to His love. Explore, explore, explore Ate!

*   *   *

And these are the women who weren’t become my official household servant, but made a huge impact in my missionary life!

MG: Dare to be like Mama Mary

with the 3 Mary's: Mary Grace, Anna Marie and Maria Amalia... hmmm... should I change my name to Maria Kimberly or Kimberly Marie? =p

Mary Grace was that time,  the Young Min head of Latin American Missions together with Gino. She’s sweet, gentle and naive at times. She’s funny and very loving. She’s also very shy. But when it comes to  her faith, she’s bold about it. Through her way of living does she become a witness of God. And she taught me to love Mama Mary like my own mother. To pray the rosary everyday and every moment when I am faced with temptation. To desire to be like her. To be submissive and obedient and meek like her. To be bold in telling others that I am a friend (mother for her) of Jesus. During those weak times in mission, the praying of rosary became my consolation. Mama Mary became my constant hugger and comforter whenever I miss my family. To ask her intercession and believe that through her, Jesus will listen more to my prayers because it is His mother who will pray for me. And to her I entrust the state of my heart. All of these things I did and doing right now because MG introduced her to me. Thank you for the Mama Mary experience, MG. And yes, I am also wearing my faith on my sleeves now.

Tia Marissa: Dare to be crazy

Ang pasimuno ng lahat 🙂

I call Tia Marissa the “craziest of them all” for she is – crazy beautiful, crazy in-love with her family and crazily gave her life to the Lord! She did crazy things for mission – speaking to the drunkards to evangelize them, still playing the guitar  in a CLS even if her shoulder-blade was already broken, going to different places in Latin America just to introduce God to every handmaid she meet, and allowing all her painful experiences to be used  to inspire other people and to glorify God! No hunger, no tiredness, no mosquito nor indifferent people can stop this crazy woman in serving the Lord! And  she always tells me “You are like me when i’m young. Wild and free. Very courageous and spontaneous. I think i’m your wiser version. I just hope you don’t end up like me  when it comes to your love life.”  I always remember that, for really, I see myself in you. I pray that I may grow in faith just like you: Crazy-beautiful in love with God. Thank you Tia for all the lessons! And I will never forget that one wisdom you’ve taught me: “It’s not bad to  fix yourself. You are representing God and you want to show others that God is a beautiful God through you!” Love it Tia!

Marie: Dare to be open

remember this AM? we were stargazing this time after playing in the trampoline! Saya!

I can say that Anna Maria is my mission best friend. We’ve been literally through ups and downs and our friendship has been tested through out the years. She was my mission partner for 2 years and became my constant companion in my faith journey. And she never failed to teach me through her life about being open to be transformed by God. She went through a lot and when she finally surrendered her life to God – her past, present and future – God never stopped working miracles in her! From the shy girl who doesn’t want to talk in front of many people to becoming a conference director and now a media person! And her constant reminder for me is “Let love transform you”. For that’s what she did – she let God’s love embraced her despite of her past, and this continue to transform her until now.

I praise the Lord for allowing me to meet and experience Him through these beautiful women who may seem ordinary and yet, what sets them apart is how they continue to submit to the Lord and allow Him to change them to become more and more beautiful for Him. I pray that as I have pieces of them in my heart and in my life, may I become like them – seeking, praising, desiring and continuously allowing God to take control in their lives. For I also desire to be a woman after God’s own heart, just like them!


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