Working house-daughter

1st time to ride the Train in Espana! Dream come true! Picture is not related though with the blog entry. Just want to share it =)

It has been a while since I blogged. Hmmm… too busy with the many to-do things in my everyday life. Sige na, ako na ang busy! =p

Lately, I found myself getting tired too often. As in dead tired. Been juggling my time between work, house chores, work, singlehood, work and family time.  Jack(ie)-of-all-trade! It’s the conference season and work doubled, no tripled actually, since aside from the events we’re doing, been busy writing and editing PFO talks and finalizing the new programs for KFL ‘coz we’ll be releasing the new PFO this May, and the in-between work assignments given to you. Yay! My body is not coping with the load of work I have right now! Time to be fit for the Lord!

Anyway, I realized last January how the Lord gave me this privilege of being a working house-daughter. Since i’m the only princess of our home, I had to take on the responsibilities of what our queen (mom) left behind. It’s difficult since my working schedule is different from the usual, and i’m also studying. There are nights that I go home late from a meeting and I couldn’t rest yet because I had to do household chores. Or wake up early to do some more.  Sometimes I complain. But whenever I remember my promise to Mom to take care of my Dad and brother, the promise I said to God to love these men in my life… I continue to do it… well. Difficult, yes. I had to sacrifice my time to go out just to serve my family. But whenever I see them happy, whenever I see them satisfied with the meal I cooked, or the clean toilet or the new curtains and bed sheets I changed, I’m happy. Maybe because service is my language of love.

I am a working house-daughter. I am proud to be one. For I know that when I finally mustered this, I am fully ready to go to the next level. 🙂 Thank you Lord for the experience. And thank you Lord for the strength and endurance.



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