The saint who made me sing everyday!

my favorite saint of all time

I am a proud Josephine. I studied in a school whose patron saint was St. Joseph, the spouse of Mama Mary and earthly father of Jesus. Ever since kinder until high school, I couldn’t count the times I’ve sung our school him about him, studied his life, honored him, prayed to him. He became one of my favorite saint (together with St. Francis of Assisi). His life is a real manifestation of obedience and love to the Lord.

But while I was growing up, I knew St. Joseph in a different way. He was re-introduced to me by my Mom as her intercessor – to whom she prayed to and asked for my dad. I remembered her telling me how she always prayed the novena to St. Joseph, asking him to lead him to a man who will love her and their future family and bring them closer to God just like the way He was to Mama Mary. And through faith and God’s grace, my Dad came, they got married and the rest, as what they, is history. 🙂

And so, through St. Joseph, I continue to pray for my future husband – for He is the role model of how a husband and a father should be (read his life here) and for all the men in my life – my Dad, my brothers, my Lolo, my uncles and cousins, my guy friends… I pray to St. Joseph to intercede for them – that they may grow in holiness, in faith and trust to the Lord, that everything will be taken care of the Lord as long as they obey His word. I pray that they may have the heart of St. Joseph – always ready to love, to listen and be man enough to protect and fight for their families.

Happy feast day St. Joseph!

*   *   *

And to remember my favorite saint, i’m posting our school hymn here:

Mabuhay Ka O San Jose! 

Ikaw na uring manggagawa
San Jose na dinadakila
Inang paaralan ikaw ang huwaran
Sandigan ng aming sambayanan

Ang buhay mo’y inalay
Sa amin bigay ay tanglaw

Sa puso’t sa diwa at ng buong pagkatao’y
Matutong mabuhay para sa sambayanan
Matatag na paninindigan
Alam ang patutunguhan
Pagkat ang kasama’y ikaw
Dakila naming San Jose

Pag-ibig sa kapwa dala’y mabuting balita
Sa iyong halimbawa’y pag-asa ay mabubuhay
Buong katauha’y aming alay
Upang inang baya’y lumaya
Kasama mo ay nananalig
Sa pagdating ng bukang liwayway

Mabuhay ka…O San Jose!

Inx’s: St. Joseph is also the patron saint for peaceful death. 🙂



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