Sunday love: Ballet and steak

Yesterday, I was able to finally watch my prima ballerina-turned-star cheerleader cousin do her piece in the 25th Anniversary of Pink toes at the Meralco Theatre.

I am a fan of Arts and Culture. I was really looking forward to this day ‘coz it has been a while since I watched or did something like this.

It was interesting and relaxing to watch the ballerinas graced the stage and did their part. Especially the little kids in the primary level. And the small kids who sang their heart out, even if they were not in tune.

But the program was dragging! 4 1/2 hours! They say because it’s the Silver Anniversary. But in my opinion, I guess there are some parts of the program that they should have shortened or omitted. Super haba! I slept on some parts. There’s no story line to connect all the dances, the singing, the playing of instruments… they were all just a recital of each student and presentation of alumni and the grand entrance and exit of the foundress. But even if it was like that, I still want to enroll my future kids to a ballet or dance school. 🙂

After the performance, we went to a restaurant to have our late dinner – STEAK! Worth the 4 1/2 hours! And non-stop updates! I love family time!

I took some pics even if we’re rows away from the stage. The colors enchanted me!

The alumni.
The alumni


The toddlers. And I imagined Sabine, Gabie, Reese and Aida doing that soon!


with Tita Bogi.


Tenderloin, medium rare. Yum!


with the ballerina

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