Bring it on!

WKC 2012

If I could describe this year’s WKC in one word, it would be: PANGARAP.

For me, everything that happened was just a dream that only played in my head and prayed in my heart.

And God saw my dream, heard my prayers and made it to reality.

And that weekend, I was awestruck.

The Lord just showed me that in Him, I can dream BIG. And that all my dreams can come true, if He wills it!

Everything went level up. Everybody gave their best. And everywhere, you’ll see a thousand faces laughing, enjoying their time and making sure that they are participating in every activity that is happening.

Yes, Lord. Iba ka talaga!

This may be the most tiring WKC i’ve ever been, for wearing too many hats for a weekend. But it was all worth it. Masaya  ang puso ko makita ang mga batang tuwang-tuwa at feel na feel nila ang love ni Lord!

*   *   *

I was asked which Conference for me is better: Kid Possible or Live Like Jesus?

This was my answer:

In Kid Possible, I felt that everything was about taking a risk since almost all that happened during that conference was a first for KFL.

In Live Like Jesus, I learned how to dream and it all became a reality!

To take risk and to dream are two different ways but both have taught me to trust in God with my whole life. And everything happened just the way He has planned it.

I thank the Lord for allowing me to see His promises unfolding right in front of me. I thank the Lord, that even if a lot of things happened just to mount this year’s WKC, He still made it happened the perfect way He wanted it to be. And I thank the Lord because this year’s WKC affirmed me of His calling to serve His children much more.

Yes Lord. I’m gonna live like You. And I promise to live the life you have planned for me.

Bring it on, Lord!

The people I dreamed with: my team mates.

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