Why do you have to shout?

I just asked you if you’re coming, if you were feeling okay ‘coz I heard you’re sick.

I talked to you calmly. With concern of a friend.

And then you answered… by shouting at me.

Sometimes, I do wonder: why is it that when you talk to others, you’re all nice and gracious and all the good qualities comes out of you. And when you talk to me, it’s always like i’m-the-worst-thing-that-happened-to-you…

That’s how you make me feel. That’s why most of the time, I choose not to talk to you anymore. Because you make me feel like i’m always messing your life.

If I have a choice, it would be best for me to just avoid you. But I can’t. We’re in the same circle.

And I have to live with that.


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