When death brought healing

We just sat beside each other during the MV summit. I was just my usual self, asking random questions to get to know her. She was one of the newest in the office, still in training, and I must say, one of the most quiet one. And with one of those question-and-answer moments, we crossed one topic that is closest to our hearts:

DEATH… of our dearest Moms.

I never thought she’ll share since she haven’t talked about it so much. But God has brought us together – to share the same pain, realizations, hardships and victories – that death brought to us, personally and to our families. Finally able to find someone who could really understand what you went and going through, only God knows how it happened. Tears and prayers in between brought peace to our hurting hearts because of the loss we feel with our mothers. But through the stories shared, hearts were slowly healed and new friendship is built. I guess, that’s our moms praying with us there.

Yes, we realized that pain will still be there. The feeling of loss will come every now and then, during your ungurarded moments. But it’s easier now, knowing that someone near, someone you know, feels exactly the same way you do. Pain becomes lesser and love becomes doubled.

Thank you Lord for that random moment. That conversation brought smile in our faces, healing to our broken hearts and confidence that You hold everything in Your hands. In time, we will understand. But for now, we will continue to trust. Amen.

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One Reply to “When death brought healing”

  1. beautiful post khyme… i still have my mom and reading this made me realize a lot of things… one of which is the fact that i have never been there for her literally. praying that our good Lord continue to use you powerfully as He sees fit, especially with touching posts such as this one. may God bless you khyme.

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