Fulfillment of God’s promise


Sleepless nights. Countless tears. Never-ending prayer.

It’s all worth it.

Thank you Lord, for amidst the chaos that happened just to do this, you still made this possible.


I’m still in awe. I haven’t received the invitation personally, and yet I can’t contain the excitement and gratefulness.

I’m imagining the faces of the people who became part of this magazine. I wonder how they will react…

Again Lord, thank you for making my life verse really true.

“Everything is possible for one who has faith.” -Mk 9:23

This is for You. And for the kids. And for the artists. And for the Mission Volunteers and FTWs. And for the printing press. And for the readers.

Whew! Still can’t get enough. I will dream and soar high again for You, Lord!


*Special thanks to Kuya Cocoi for allowing me to dream and Ate Gay for fulfilling my dreams. Your partnership is really made in heaven. (ayun-oh!)


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