Happy birthday Kirby!

You will always be my little brother. No matter how we fight sometimes, but still love each other all the time, you will still be my little brother. Even if you tease me, tickle me and irritate me nonstop, you will still be my little brother.

On those times when I go home late, you wait for me. Or when I am sick with my monthly girl thing, you patiently take care of me. Or when I can’t cook nor clean the house because of work or busy sched or just plain tired, you do it for me.

You make me strive to become a better ATE. You make me more excited everyday, waiting on how God will unfold His plans in your life. You make me pray and hope more.

You are an everyday reminder of Mommy’s presence for me. Through you, I am reminded of the lessons I need to learn from her. Through you, I am reminded to love and care even more, just as she loved you until her last breath.

My little brother. We may not always see each other everyday, nor talk as much as we could… but know that you have your ATE KIM always for you. No matter what happens, wherever you are. For you are God’s reminder for me that there’s always an opportunity to change. And you will always remain my little brother. My one and only dearest little brother.

Happy 25th birthday! All the best that God has in store for you!

Proud Ate. =)

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