Wake me up when December ends

What do you do when you’ve reached your plateau?

Change of routine. Change of environment. Change of perspective.

But what if you’re stuck and you cannot change anything, what should you do?

It’s not one of those amazing experiences I’d like to repeat all over again… but what I am experiencing right now is teaching me something, somehow.

Allowing me to see the things happening around me.

Allowing me to know myself from my issues arising from this.

Allowing me to discern what I want, or rather, what the Lord is asking me to do next.

But it is a very difficult situation. Especially when you feel you’re stuck. And can’t do anything about it.

Yes, we all have a choice. But at this point, the only choice I have is to endure the plateau experience and pray that I won’t go crazy in the process.

I pray for endurance. I pray for joy. I pray for love. And I pray that I may not miss the points that God is teaching me through this experience.

Oh Lord. Wake me up when December ends.


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