My Journey of Faith

As we officially start the Year of Faith (10.11.12), I am sharing with you my journey of faith, as published in our CFC FFL community’s website.

I grew up in a typical Catholic family, actively serving the Church and going to Catholic school. I’ve always been prayerful and following religious traditions and that time, I thought that was enough. And yet, I felt that there is still something lacking. I felt that there’s more to what I know about God.

Then I was invited to a youth camp. I was skeptic at first, but through the people who cared enough to teach me and love me, I developed a personal relationship with God. I fell more in love with Him. As I served Him through the different activities, inviting more people to experience that joy I had with Him, I thought I was living the life. And yet, God has a lot more for me!

It has been 5 years since I said yes to God as a Full-time Missionary. I’ve been to different places, met different people, spoke different languages and practiced different cultures. Experienced a life like a roller coaster ride – joy and suffering, abundance and trials, death of my Mom and another life for me. And yet, despite of these things, I would never trade this life to anything else. I keep holding on to the His message when He first called me: “Serve me and I want you to go out and spread my love.” Yes, I will strive to do the mission He entrusted me to do. Yes, I will strive to live my life in love for Him and His people. And yes, I will strive to continue to be His. May God be praised.


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