Random lessons while studying

Walk away when there is still love. It’s better that way than hate every moment you stayed because you thought you still can.

Do not judge if you don’t know the whole story.

Sometimes, it’s the people you trust who hurt you the most – either by their indifference or too much opinion.

We need pause every once in a while – to cope up with the pressure and stress that the situation is bringing in.

And to every negative person you meet, breathe 1 to 10, and try to flash your best-est smile. It’s good for the heart. And for the relationship. No bad-mouthing. No scorn. No regrets.

Love. Love. Love. That’s what we all need to survive.

A love that heals.

A love that comforts.

A love that brings you up.

A love that is pure, right and selfless.

A love coming from God.

Good night everyone! Back to studying!

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