Amazing things ahead of me!

February is my birthday month and I’m turning 30 this year! And as a gift to myself, I’m going back to blogging and will try my best to blog as often as I can this month! 🙂

Yesterday, I cut my hair. Okay, you may think it’s a mundane thing to blog about. But you see, its big deal for me since my hair was at my longest (almost bra-line) and I cut it short. Not the pixie cut type, but so short you have to have a second look on me to recognize me (even I still do that whenever I see myself in the mirror! hahaha)

I cut my hair for two reasons: first, because I’m turning 30 in a few days and second, because I’m changing work in the coming few weeks (finally, I am able to say it! ;-p). So many changes happening that I felt it’s just right to have a new look to go with these life-changing experiences.

my signature smile. ;p
my signature smile. ;p
with my stylist :p
with my stylist :p

I had to close my eyes as the hairdresser held my hair to have the first cut. I couldn’t believe that I was doing it. I’ve taken care of my hair for years, even bought special hair chemicals and equipment to maintain it. Tried different hairstyles so that I won’t get bored. But just like that, when in the middle of the changes happening in my life, I decided to cut my hair… finally.

*  *  *

Cutting my hair radically changed my perspective on my current situation – there are things that you love the most but had to let go; taking THAT step towards your heart’s desire even in the uncertainty of the outcome; and even in that uncertainty, the Lord will make sure to produce something beautiful out of it. And so, that affirmed me of my life-changes ahead. The future may look very blurry at this time but I know that the Lord has already met me where I am now and will win the day in the end. All He is asking me to do is to TRUST – that He will create a beautiful life for me, more than I could ever figure out. He knows what’s best and He will give it to me. 🙂

With this new haircut and with God on my side, I am excited to face anything in this world! :-p


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