I turned 30 last February 12. Entering the BIG 3-0 wagon. It was a big deal for me when I was in college. I imagined myself that at this age, I have my own pre-school, finished my MA in SPED, have my own family (with 2 kids and counting) while actively serving in the community. Oh well, big dreams. Nothing came true. But I don’t regret it. For my life now is better than I imagined it to be!

At 30…

I have experienced working as an HR Assistant, ESL Teacher to Koreans, Admin. Officer and Pre-school Teacher before landing at the job I am called to do – a Fulltime Pastoral Worker a.k.a Missionary – celebrating my 6th year!

I have finished college and education units, became a licensed professional Teacher, took up units in MA SPED and now, on my 2nd year as a Bosconian, taking up Masters in Religious Studies, major in Catechetics.

I have literally traveled around the world by going to Latin America,  US, Taiwan, Spain, Portugal and Singapore.

I have met a bunch of crazy people, young and old, with different passions and come from all walks of life. sometimes I wonder, how did I become friends with them? Probably because we share the same amount of  craziness. 😀

I have been in love many times (or thought I was), met a few potentials, also had a few heart breaks but still hoping and looking forward to find my one true love, chosen and given by THE Love-Giver Himself.

I have experienced death many times – death of my Mom and an almost death moment for me – that made me less afraid of it and makes me more compassionate to those who are experiencing death in their lives.

My life now is far different from what I have imagined it would be at 30, but hey! I am experiencing a great life possible for me! And I know that it is not yet done; the best is yet to come…. For God is still not yet finished making my life more beautiful! And I can’t wait what else He could still give me!

Thank you Lord for the life I have right now. For the blessings and challenges, victories and defeats, sickness and health. Thank you for every person I met, every moment I experienced, every lesson I learned. If my life is already beautiful now, I know Lord that you have a lot more in store for me! And I am much excited of what else you can do FOR me, IN me and WITH me! I am yours for the taking, Lord! Thank you and I love you!

Celebrations on my 30th birthday!

love. love. love. <3
love. love. love. ❤

*Maan and Jermer were absent this day.

THESE made MY day!
THESE made MY day!

Thank you Marie! You really know what will make me SOOOO happy, I literally cried over it!

And a home-made dinner by my bro, Kirby. I wasn’t able to take pictures of it, coz Dad was already hungry. But here is my first pic of my birthday, taken by my little bro.



Thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday, sent their greeting through Facebook, Twitter, and SMS; for the little cake (in the last picture) given by my girl-friends – Joey, Roxy, Anne and Chloe; and for all the prayers and masses offered for me on my special day. And to my upper household – Ate Gay, Joey, Angel, Chloe, Maan, Kate, Kuh, Roxy, Sweet – for the honoring. Pagalingan sa english? 😀

I feel so loved Lord. Thank you for being the source of my love! ❤


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